7 Essential Steps to Starting a Rose Bush from a Clipping

Embarking on the Journey of Rose Gardening

Immersing oneself in the sphere of horticulture offers an immensely gratifying journey. Cultivating one of the most aromatic, timeless, and stunning plants, the rose bush, is indeed a delightful pursuit. Many perceive the task of starting a rose bush from a clipping as intricate, but this comprehensive guide will debunk that myth and illustrate how simple it can be.

Phase 1: Identifying the Ideal Rose Clipping

The initial phase to effectively start a rose bush from a stem involves identifying an appropriate clipping. This task is not as formidable as it might appear. For best outcomes, opt for a robust rose bush showcasing vibrant, disease-free foliage. The rose bush should be in its blooming stage when you extract the cutting. Choose a stem that resembles the thickness of a pencil and has recently flowered.

Phase 2: Conditioning the Rose Clipping

Having chosen your rose stem, the next step is to condition it for planting. Trim a section from the stem that measures approximately 6 to 8 inches in length. Make sure you cut at a 45-degree angle, which promotes water absorption and root development. Strip all leaves and thorns from the bottom part of the stem, leaving only two or three leaves at the apex.

Phase 3: Establishing Roots in the Rose Clipping

Prior to planting your rose clipping, it needs to undergo a phase known as rooting. To stimulate root development, immerse the cut end of your stem in rooting hormone powder. This action hastens the rooting process, although it’s optional if you lean towards a more organic method. After application of the rooting hormone, place your cutting in a water-filled jar until roots start to appear. This process could span from two weeks to several months.

Phase 4: Transplanting the Rose Clipping

Upon root formation in your cutting, it’s time for planting. Select an area in your garden that is bathed in ample sunlight and possesses well-drained soil. Excavate a hole deep enough to cover the roots and lower stem of your cutting. Position your cutting into the hole and backfill with soil, ensuring that it is securely fixed.

starting a rose bush from a clipping

Phase 5: Nurturing Your Newly Planted Rose Bush

The concluding phase in starting a rose bush from a clipping involves nurturing your fresh plant. Consistent watering is crucial, especially during the initial growth phases. Be cautious not to overwater as this can trigger root rot. Moreover, apply a balanced rose fertilizer during the growth period for maximum growth and blooming.


Starting a rose bush from a clipping is not just a cost-effective method of extending your garden, but it also enables you to reproduce your preferred varieties. With some patience and care, you can nurture stunning rose bushes that augment the aesthetic charm of your garden and offer you immeasurable pleasure. Remember, horticulture is as much about the journey as it is about the final outcome. So relish every phase of this process, from identifying your rose clipping to observing your new rose bush flourish in all its splendor. Enjoy your gardening journey!

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