Elevating Your Curb Appeal: A Comprehensive Guide to Outside Ornaments


Setting the tone for your home starts with its exterior. A key element that brings out this persona is through outside ornaments. When chosen with an artistic and aesthetic eye, these ornaments can enhance a home’s visage remarkably. Let’s delve deeper into the nuances of picking the right outside ornaments!

Understanding Outside Ornaments

Outside ornaments, or garden ornaments, are design elements placed in the yard, patio, porch, or any exterior space of a house, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. These could include anything from statues, art pieces, bird houses, wind chimes to more functional entities like benches and fountains.

Selecting the Right Outside Ornaments: A Matter of Taste and Style

Choosing the right outside ornament requires an understanding of personal style, space, and the existing layout. Some prefer rustic accessories to complement the tranquility of their garden, while others might opt for chic metallic accents in their patio.

A. Personal Style

Whether you’re an aficionado of sleek and modern designs or have a penchant for vintage aesthetics, your individual style should translate into your ornament selections. Be it a tasteful bird feeder for a nature enthusiast or a Buddha statue for a spiritual individual, these ornaments personify the owner’s personality.

B. Space and Layout

Space plays a significant role in decision-making. Larger gardens can accommodate grand statues, while compact balconies can benefit from hanging accessories like wind chimes and cute planters. A well-spaced out yard could house a beautifully carved bench as a statement piece.

Types of Outside Ornaments

A wide array of myriad outside ornaments awaits your choice. Here’s a curated list of common, yet unique types of ornaments that can instantly elevate your outdoor space:

A. Statues

Perfect for adding a classic touch! Traditional figurines, abstract art, or even animal sculptures, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

B. Water Features

Glamorous and functional– water features like fountains, ponds, and birdbaths create soothing ambiance, add life to your outdoor space, and attract wildlife.

C. Wind Chimes

An ornament that brings music to ears literally! Wind chimes are a perfect addition for balconies, entryways, and patios.

D. Bird Houses

Looking forward to feathery visitors? Ornamental birdhouses can be a delightful sight, serving as a shelter for the birds and an enchanting view for the owner.

Pro-Tips: Ensuring Harmony and Balance in Outside Decor

In your quest to create an appealing outdoor space with outside ornaments, remember that harmony and balance are key. Here are some expert tips:

A. Emphasizing Form and Scale

Account for varying sizes and forms of your ornaments. A fine balance of small and large, vertical and horizontal elements brings dynamism to your exteriors.

B. Unifying with Colors

Play with colors to add continuity. Choose ornaments that complement the color of your outdoor furnishings, plants, and home exterior.

C. Incorporating Lighting

Lighting is often forgotten but can elevate your outdoor decor phenomenally. Add lights around your ornaments to bring them into focus during nighttime.


An abode’s character is an extension of the homeowner’s personality, and outside ornaments play a crucial part in shaping that. Whether it’s the tranquility exuded from a Zen garden ornament or the rustic charm of a vintage metal bird feeder, every piece helps construct your home’s narrative.

So, let your imagination run wild as you embark on your journey of personalizing your surroundings with outside ornaments. Remember, there are no strict rules, just guidelines. Your space is your masterpiece. Let it reflect your spirit!

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